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SwiftPass is an application that helps establishments, and companies record and verify the health status of customers, workers, and employees before entry to make it easy for future contact tracing. This app is developed in accordance to DTI and DOLE’s joint circular on Workplace Prevention and Control of Covid-19 (May 1, 2020), stating that "All employees and workers must accomplish daily the health symptoms questionnaire and submit to the guard or designated safety officer prior to entry; "

Contactless Health Declaration
Using SwiftPass, customers, visitors, and employees don't need to use paper forms anymore. They can send their health status electronically using a mobile phone without the need of direct contact avoiding the spread of COVID-19.

Fast and Easy Entry to Establishments
Customers just need to scan the establishment QR code to send their health form. And the establishment will immediately receive the contact details and current health status of customers which will speed up the entry of customers to the establishment.

Powered by eScience

eScience Corporation, developer of SwiftPass and PocketWiSE mobile solutions, is an IT company in the Philippines with 20 years of extensive experience and proven track record in developing mobile solutions that cater to various industries including healthcare, FMCG, retail, and manpower agencies. Currently, eScience now have more than 80 different corporate customers in Indonesia, Myanmar, Taiwan, and Vietnam.


Speed up customer entry in the establishment and record customer health status for contact tracing purposes. Using SwiftPass, customers can now enter their health status using their mobile phones to promote contactless health declaration, reducing the possibility of cross contamination. Using the SwiftPass, business owners and management can receive the health and contact information declared by employees and customers instantly.

Case Management and Blacklisting

Easily pinpoint who had possible interaction with positive COVID-19 individuals. Quickly locate the areas (e.g. room, floor level, department, etc.) in your building / establishment where the positive case entered and stayed at a certain date and time. No need to close down the whole building if the person only stayed in one room or department at a specific time.

Multiple QR Codes in One Building

QR codes are placed in different areas inside the office or building to make sure which rooms or departments a person has entered or stayed into. The person only needs to scan the QR code and enter. Unlike in manual Forms where customers and employees have to fill-out the required forms everytime they visit a different area.

Customizable Electronic Health Form

To minimize the use of paper and manual encoding, visitors can fill-out an electronic health form using their mobile phones. The form includes health status questions and contact details of customers for future contact tracing purposes. For companies, if a visitor is not an employee, SwiftPass can prompt questions such as person and department being visited, and purpose of visit.

Track Movement of Employees in your Building or Establishment

Since multiple QR codes can be placed at the entrance of each room inside the establishment, the management can easily track the movements of employees, visitors, and customers inside the building. This will come in handy in capacity planning and contact tracing.

OTP Verification

SwiftPass verifies and authenticates the mobile number provided by the customer through OTP to make sure the mobile number provided is correct for future contact tracing. On the other hand, manual Forms does not check the validity of mobile numbers and login details that could lead to problems when doing contact tracing.

Timely Contact Tracing Reports

SwiftPass provides real-time reports which management can easily filter and used to receive alerts in real-time. Alerts are triggered if a person who is sick or blacklisted tries to enter the establishment. The webtool is used to print the QR Codes, and generate reports needed by the establishment or health officials to do contact tracing.

Approval Message

SwiftPass app can determine if the customer or employee can be allowed or NOT to enter the establishment. If the user enters the acceptable responses for their health status and body temperature, the approval message will be shown. Otherwise, they will receive a disapproval message.

User Authentication

Aside from OTP verification from entering customer's mobile number, SwiftPass app also authenticates the user. Users such as customers and employees can also register and login via their Facebook accounts. This ensures that the user is existing and active.

How does SwiftPass work for establishments and companies?

Accessing and setting-up SwiftPass webtool is fast and easy. Just follow the steps below on how to use SwiftPass for your establishment and you are good to go.


There are two main users for SwiftPass: one is the establishment or service provider to manage the webtool, and the other is your employee, customer, and visitor who will use the app.

Try this out!

Scan this sample establishment QR code to test how customers can send health status and contact details via SwiftPass before entering the establishment. No need for a pen and paper to write it down!

To test the QR code, just follow the steps below:
    1)   Scan QR Code
    2)   Verify mobile number and health form
    3)   Encode your body temperature
    4)   Get approval message

Why choose SwiftPass?

SwiftPass is developed by eScience Corporation. eScience will provide the registration website and also the application for scanning the QR codes. We will provide the data records daily including the contact details of those who entered.

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